support the e-commerce sector

New strategic partnership to support the e-commerce sector

We support the e-commerce sector, 4S Technology has signed a strategic partnership with Cairo Meza Trading and Distribution Company, one of the companies operating in the e-commerce sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is a new step to add a new sector to the sectors that 4S Technology used to serve, the e-commerce sector.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Ayman Al Sayed, Business Development Manager, representative of 4S Technology, and Mr. Alfred Francis, representing Cairo Meza Trading and Distribution Company.

This partnership gives Meza Shop advantage, the rights to benefit from the software solutions provided by 4S Technology, which consists of financial management programs, namely public accounting program, accounts Paypal program, account Receivable program, treasury, and banking program, Inventory program in a fully integrated way in order to simplify the workflow and support decision-makers with the most accurate data and reports at a moment’s notice, what will support the e-commerce sector to make the work cycle easier. And the agreement was signed and the project started.

Because of the advantages and characteristics of the e-commerce sectors that are different from the rest of the business sector and have the unique requirements that will support the e-commerce sector, 4S engineers have customized our software solutions to serve all the requirements of e-commerce, linking them to the website.

New strategic partnership to support the e-commerce sector

For more information about Cairo Meza Trading and Distribution Company, please increase the website of the company

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