Schools Management System

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Schools Management System

• Registering school data (Licensee - buildings –study years - classes)

• Registering all main data of students (Birth certificate data - Address data – parent data - social data – healthy data - ........)

Make Reports about:

•Count the number of students

• Birth certificate data

• Student data record

• Records of classes follow-up

• Public feasts

• Religious feasts

• A variety of correspondence

Absence of students:

• Registering the absence easily

• Ability to make alarms to absence (print statements and posters)

• Follow-up the absence of the student in a period

• Follow-up students without absence

• Follow-up the absence of students over the different study years

Follow up complaints and behaviors:

• Determine the terms of student’s behavior to be followed-up (depending on each stage)

• Registering student’s behavior in Different periods

• Follow up student behavior in a certain time Classifying the complaints of parents to ease its following (Educational - administrative – behavioral)

• Registering the complaints of parents and following it

• Viewing complaints during a specified period and knowing its position (under treatment- treated – repetition of treatment) Exams

• Registering full database for study subjects for every study year and determining the small and Great finish for every subject

• Determining the exams to be follow-up (Monthly - half year - end of year)

• Registering students' grades for different exams

• Issuing students certificates and results statements automatically

• Make the order of students (the first – the second – the third -….)

• Follow-up the student level in a certain subject

• Follow-up the student level over the study year

• Follow-up the teacher throughout his students result

Library and Borrowing:

• Survey books data of the library and classify them

• Entering daily borrowing

• A statement of borrowed books in a period

• Survey books which exceed borrowing duration

• Identify trends of students towards specific classification


Registering routes data and determining (supervisor – driver – car data)

• Put participated students in every line

• Follow-up students in payment the expenses of the car

• Follow-up to the change in the student’s receipt and receipt (address)