Real Estate Management System


Real Estate System

Real Estate System Advantages:

• Ability to follow-up more than one company on the same system

• Ability to set up countless projects

• Recording data of different units (Type - Number - Area - value)

• Ability to enter and print the private shape of the unit

• A complete database of clients.

• Registering prices offers and printing them, described the payment way and its details (installment reservation - contract Payment - annual installments, quarterly or monthly - ......)

• Recording sales Movements shown by all of its details, whether for sale or payment way

• Ability to discard the reservation of unit and determine feedback value and the payment method

• Registering to receive cash from customers and direct paid value for specific unit and installment

• Ability to display the financial position of each unit (the number of different kinds of installments - the remaining number of installments – payed value - Arrears)

• Ability to print the payment receipts with your company's logo

• Ability to register cash Discard

• Ability to print the report of unit delivery as your company like

• Ability to print the final clearance of the unit as you like and you can test whether you have already been paid the total value or not

• Ability to print different reports such as: Account client showing (date - receipt no - Value - Balance - ...).

• List of sale units showing (unit number – client name - value - payed - the rest)

• List of units offered for sale described by the (unit number - Floor - Area - unit value – reservation value - contract value - installment value - the value of receipt)

• List of amounts of late money (unit data and client name -installment data and due date)

• Report of project expected revenues in a period showing (unit Data - customer data -distributed revenues in contract months ....)