HR Mobile App Due to concerns about the role of the attendance device in the transmission of bacteria and diseases

And in response to the directions of the presidency and the instructions of the Ministry of Health By canceling and blocking the approved fingerprint devices based on direct touch.

The Ministry of Telecommunications Companies operating in the field of communications Information technology to provide solutions Modern and advanced technology and as a result 4S Technology is pleased to present HR Mobile App to register attendance and Leave.

4S HR application

HR Mobile App Features

  • The application allows recording the attendance and departure of an unlimited number of employees and branches without the need for any extra expenses.
  • The application facilitates the movement of employee requests by converting their submissions from paper requests to digital requests.
  • It is available to generate attendance and leave reports in the excel form files to integrate with any accounting programs or Performing accounting operations manually.
  • The employees enter their requests electronically by themselves and follow them up in terms of approval or rejection by their presence in the Work, whether this work is inside or outside the company, such as (signing attendance and leaving – permission absence – declaration to his commanding officer – permission).
  • Notify managers of employee requests automatically or electronically by e-mail/mobile phone to enable managers to follow up on their employees’ requests and deal with them in terms of acceptance or rejection.

Some of HR Mobile App Screens

HR Mobile App

The first screen with the name of the app

and the choice of language ( ar – en )

The application opens and the first screen appears with

the name of the app and chooses the language.

The second screen User company

name registration screen.

Entering the name of the company

used the app then press OK.

4S HR App

The third screen the registration screen

This screen is checked in for the employee by:

  • Code: The employee’s code is entered.
  • Password: Password is entered
  • And then press sign in to open the app
4S HR application
4S HR Application

The fourth screen allow location screen

This screen appears to activate the location

on the app. We press allow activation.

HR Management

The main screen.

Which carries the:

  • Vacation
  • Errand
  • Permission
  • Through this calendar you can choose a day and be Show if he’s going through this day there’s an errand or a vacation…..
  • The fingerprint world to record attendance and departure

Attendance and departure screen

Attendance is recorded and if attendance is

recorded the departure registration and

use the fingerprint


The profile screen

The profile screen is shown.

  • The code.
  • The job.
  • The E-mail
HR management

My requests screen

This screen is shown the Leave, attend, mission.

  • All requests are attached with their data and time

The search Screen

You can start making a new request or look for a request with pressure on a search to show this screen.

  • To look for a request with specific data
  • The date has been determined for a specific period from….to……
  • The type of application you can choose if it is attendance and departure,

The approvals Screen.

All types of requests are defined

in the approvals screen which has been approved

and which has not yet been approved on it

and allows the official here to open any request

and approve or reject the request.

Approval System

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