Main Features

• Recording the operation orders to follow-up the course of the vehicle and to know the positions of all the vehicles in the fleet in real time and to follow-up the kilometers and the distance covered by the fleet and its destination as well.

• Recording the expected preventive maintenance for each model of the equipment or the vehicle in kilometers or in hours.

• Recording the repairs and following them up, including the cost of laborers and spare parts.

• Scheduling the expected maintenance works, preparing the necessary spare parts, providing laborers in time and reducing the time spent on maintenance to a minimum, raising the level of efficiency and productivity of both equipment and labor.

• Recording the tire data from its serial number, its depth and position of the installation until there is a follow-up for the consumption, and to ensure the optimal use of tires and to prevent manipulation and thus protecting the company’s assets.

Reports :

The system has various reports such as:

• Expected maintenance Report.

• Late maintenance report.

• Report of equipment and vehicles, which did not enter the maintenance process.

• History of all equipment and vehicles.

• Analytical report of tires.

• Laborers and repairs and reports.

• Report with the total expenses.

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