E Invoice System in Egypt

4S Technology e-Invoice Solution Features


4S E Invoice System in Egypt has a very small footprint and can be installed on any Windows PC (Desktop, Laptop, Server) with minimal hardware configuration. Requires Dot Net Framework, SQL Server Express.

Runs as a Console Application

4S e-Invoice solution is a lightweight console application that can be run from the command line or scheduled to run on a daily basis using Windows Scheduler.


Can be customized to load invoice line items from different sources DB tables, etc..

Backups &Archiving

Logs are stored in an SQL server database that can be backed up and archived easily. 4s e-Invoice solution archives processed files to an archive folder.

API Management to ETA Portal

Handles all communication with the portal via the ETA web services. Manages all known exceptions such as server timeouts, duplicates detection, optimizing # of API calls, etc. Our solution is regularly updated with the latest changes published by the ETA.

Reporting & Alarm

4S e-Invoice solution sends a report after each run with the summary of results that includes the status of each submitted invoice. 4S e-Invoice shows all the submitted invoices statuses.

E Invoice System in Egypt Requirements

In accordance with Egyptian Ministry of Finance Resolution no. 188 and Decision no 386 of the Egyptian Tax Authorities, E Invoice System in Egypt requirements have been established that require all companies included in the scope to comply before the mentioned deadlines. The requirements are summarized below:

Item Coding

Digital Signature

Technical Integration

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