The procurement program is a powerful system that helps to simulate the actual documentary cycle of many companies (quotations – orders (selling – buying) – bills (exchange and addition) – issuing invoices). It is also a powerful and effective tool to track customer and supplier accounts and control various pricing methods.

Main Features

• Building a complete database for clients and suppliers (personal, financial, administrative, and tax data).

• Actively dealing with both (classification of clients or suppliers – delegates – sales areas – …)

• Follow up on the link between (quotations and orders to buy or sell and exchange or addition permits) and monitor the matching between them.

• Total and detailed reports at the level of (the customer or supplier – store – delegate – classification – class – …).

• Defining more than one notebook to make a series of cash and forward bills.

• An infinite number of supplier names and supplier ratings.

• Building a complete database for suppliers that includes the tax card, the commercial registry, the grace period and the balance of the first period.

• Record all stored transactions (purchases – returns of purchases)

• Record administrative procedures such as purchase orders and orders.

• Monitor purchases at the level of each supplier.

• Record payments movements.

• Submit all aggregate and analytical reports at different levels.

• Definition of different types of discounts (percentage or value).

• Analysis of purchases at the level of suppliers and items.

• Integration and linkage with the treasury and banking program.

• The ability to link and posting to the public accounts system.

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