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EduEdge: Intelligent Adaptive e-Learning MOOCs Platform

The mindset of “one-size-fits-all” e-Learning is now understood to be ineffective. Educators recognize that each student is unique; they learn at varying rates, have different levels of knowledge, and have different objectives. There is, perhaps, no hotter segment in Ed-tech right now than adaptive learning, which drives the learning experience for each individual student according to his/her learning profile and progress.

Therefore 4S technologies got involved in a consortium with Itida and Al-Azhar University to launch the EduEdge Intelligent Adaptive e-Learning MOOCs Platform project.
Itida finances the Intelligent Adaptive e-Learning MOOCs Platform project with a 2.5M fund, Al-Azhar University, by its researchers and staff, elaborates on the research and development of the AI-based platform, and 4S Technologies is the partner who provides all necessary logistic support and who will responsible for deploying and operating the platform.

On October 23rd, 2019, the consortium contract was signed, while the Intelligent Adaptive e-Learning MOOCs Platform project was actually commenced on November 1st, 2019. The project plans to deliver and launch the adaptive platform to market within a 20-months development period.

The business background of the Intelligent Adaptive e-Learning MOOCs Platform project is based on the fact that education and training play an important role in the competing world and are becoming an important economic empowering facet; however, several challenges exist. e-Learning not only offers promising solutions to such challenges but also is considerably shaping the future of education. The virgin Ed-tech market is in its growing stage and is thirsty for innovative solutions.

The project targets to employ an adaptive e-Learning engine, namely S3, that was developed and experimented with by the project PI of Al-Azhar University. S3 employs multidisciplinary technologies, such as AI, cognitive science, psychometrics, instructional design theories, etc. It supports all the phases of the learning process life cycle, namely, course structure, course authoring, course delivery, and learner assessment via a suite of tools designed on top of the adaptive e-Learning engine.

In the EduEdge project, the aim is to build and launch a cloud-based Intelligent Adaptive e-Learning MOOCs Platform competitor platform of its own unique features—that tailors the learning process for each individual learner. This tailored process will help learners to learn faster and retain more knowledge, in addition to more engagement and joy. It is evident that adaptive e-Learning improves the quality of education by empowering both the learner and the teacher towards a new paradigm shift that promotes self-learning.
It improves the quality of learning outcomes as well as the learning process itself via enhancing the learning process efficiency, efficacy, and engagement. Moreover, it offers the education market a stream of benefits as well as answers to many challenges.
The EduEdge platform will be supported with an enhanced set of authoring and delivery tools that will employ AI techniques, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Image Processing (IP), and machine learning (ML).

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