ERP System to manage Ecommerce Business

A new strategic partnership to support the ecommerce sector

In continuation of 4S Technology’s support for the field of eCommerce, a new business partnership was signed between 4S Technology for Software and Tiger company, one of the most important leading companies in eCommerce, specializing in the field of headphones with more than 20 years of experience.

This agreement was signed by Mr. Mohamed Younis Ramadan, sales manager, representing 4S Technology, and Mr. Mohamed Emad, representing Tiger.

This partnership grants Tiger the rights to benefit from the software solutions provided by 4S Technology, which are represented in the financial management system, which are the general ledger system, Account payable system, Account receivable system, fixed assets and banks, Inventory management system, and production costs in a completely integrated manner.

In order to simplify workflow and support decision makers with accurate data and reports, moment by moment, which helps in making the work cycle easier. The agreement was signed and the project started.

ERP System to manage Ecommerce Business

As the e-commerce sector has advantages and characteristics that differ from the rest of the business sectors and has its unique requirements that serve it, 4S engineers have worked to develop our software solutions to serve all e-commerce requirements, and link them to the website.

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