Construction Management System

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Construction Management System

Data management system for: :

• Suppliers

• Customers

• Subcontractors

• Contracts

• Extracts

• Follow-up payments

• Journal and budget

System Features:

• Tree integrated cost centers (projects - residential units).

• Follow-up purchases at the level of the various cost centers.

• Follow-up suppliers and compare their prices.

• Follow-up contracts for clients O subcontractors.

• Follow-up and print extracts either for clients or subcontractors.

• The cost of follow-up contracts.

• Outgoing actually see on the project with ease.

• The issuance of the financial statements and final accounts.

• List the amounts of financial arrears.

• Issuing reports on all subcontractors and customers.

• Report revenues expected during the project period.

• Report actual income during the period.