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Renewal of the partnership contract with Green Hope

the system used to support the workflow at Green Hope has been developed from The desktop ERP system to the cloud ERP system.

A continuation of the partnership and work between 4S Technology and Green Hope for Agricultural Development, today, Thursday, October 15, 2020, in the presence of Mr. Ayman El-Sayed, Business Development Manager and a representative of 4S Technology, and Mr. Abdel-Rahman Mohamed Mahmoud, Executive Director of Green Hope

In a fruitful business meeting, the partnership contracts between the two companies have been renewed, and because of the belief of the respondents in Green Hope for Agricultural Development of the importance of development and support for workflow within Green Hope, the system used to support the workflow at Green Hope has been developed from The desktop ERP system to the Cloud ERP System.

Green Hope is a producer and distributor of natural and frozen foods, specializing in the production and sale of vegetables and fruits, and its export within Europe, for more information about Green Hope

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