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For more than 20 years SODIC has relied on 4S Real Estate Management Solutions

SODIC has been relying on Real Estate Management software solutions provided by 4S Technology for more than 20 years, and SODIC grants the privileges of using real estate software solutions and banking software from 4S Technology. We’re ready to provide you with Our consultationGet your free consultation The value provided to SODIC Real Estate company from these software[...]
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Raw Materials Center of Supply (RMCS) granted advantages to use 4S software to plan for enterprise resources

Continuing the successes of 4S Technology in attracting the strongest companies in various sectors in the local and regional market, The Raw Materials Center of Supply Company has been included for our discerning customers to use 4S Software In the presence of Mr. Ayman Al Sayed, Business Development Manager, and representative of 4S Technology. Mrs. Lobna Mahmoud,[…]