SODIC 4S Technology Real estate management system

For more than 20 years SODIC has relied on 4S Real Estate Management Solutions

SODIC has been relying on Real Estate Management software solutions provided by 4S Technology for more than 20 years, and SODIC grants the privileges of using real estate software solutions and banking software from 4S Technology.

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The value provided to SODIC Real Estate company from these software privileges is the management of the SODIC Group of Companies, which prompted it to apply 4S systems in its subsidiaries such as TABROUK Construction Company, Al-YOUSER Real Estate Investment, and Property Management Company, SOREAL Real Estate Investment Company, follow-up of all its operations and projects, customer management, printing customer contracts.

In addition to the value provided by the banking program, which works to follow up all banking procedures and control all banking transactions from deposit or withdrawal securely, identify the amount of cash owned by the company in any period of the previous period, and extract all the desired reports such as arrest reports, account reports payable, and follow-up customer account statement.

4S Technology’s success stories have not ended in providing software solutions for real estate only, but we are constantly making developments in line with changes in the Egyptian market, and work to contain any innovations in the procedures and the software solutions required by real estate developers and contracting companies, as well as any changes to their output sought from reports in various forms, such as: introducing mobile technology with these systems, where the user can extract the required data through his mobile phone and link it to the CRM system.

Therefore, we can claim that we are 4S Technology, which has the most powerful software solutions for real estate development in Egypt.

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