Designs and develops real estate management software tools with one goal:

To make it easier for you to orchestrate the complex workflow associated with managing multiple real estate sales in a constantly evolving regulatory environment. Our suite of software for real estate tools is designed to allow you to increase your property load, while maintaining a manageable work flow. When you use these tools to their full potential, old fashioned property tracking methods like juggling paper folders and hard copy spreadsheets begin to seem like a bad dream of inefficiency, squandered profits, and needless stress.

Main Features

  • Save hundreds of working hours.
  • Reduce the human error by 95%.
  • Dynamic the process between all the department.
  • Accurate data for Sales, Operations & Financial departments.
  • Create and automates the Financial processes .
  • Pay more than one instalment in one bond cash or cheque.
  • Account the delay can exempt certain fines for latency in instalments payment.
  • Edit concession application and print the concession copy.
  • Edit and print the client's contracts automatically from the system.
  • Monitoring the flow of extradition contracts.
  • Monitor the activities of property consultants and their sales.
  • Reporting.