Manufacturing Overview

Develop a material production plan and capacity plan based on your sales plan and according to this production plan you can achieve a material purchase plan.

Technical Features

  • Plan your material requirements.
  • Plan the process capacity.
  • Plan material purchases.
  • Multi bill of material formulas.
  • Allocating, distributing and checking work with available staff.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the quality of the order.
  • Improving processes and cost-efficiency.
  • Managing production staff and trainees.


Provides you with the cost engineering tools needed for the full project life cycle.

Technical Features

  • Distribute the service costs on the production cost centers.
  • Calculate the product direct and indirect costs.
  • Distribute the marketing costs on the products.
  • Processing costs.
  • Component costs.
  • Storage costs.
  • Handling batch costing.
  • Overhead costs.


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