Financial Features

This application is designed to allow the user to record the GL main data, journal entries, estimated budget and closure of fiscal periods to obtain the following reports: GL, Cost Centers, Final and Estimated Budgets.

Technical Features

  • Support for Multi-Company with inter-company processing.
  • Support for Multi-Branch. Support for Multi-Currency "with automatic currency conversion".
  • Full ease to use Budgeting system for better planning.
  • Interaction with 3rd. Party vendors spread sheets "e.g. MS-Excel" Full security control features.
  • Full suite of comprehensive reports.
  • Full featured financial statements and Reports.
  • Support for Consolidated reports.

Save time and money with accounts payable which helps you to identify the optimum time to pay bills, trace discounts and expenses, and maintain close relation with your vendors.

Technical Features

  • User-defined payment methods.
  • Integrates each payment method with a specific safe/bank.
  • Handles payables portfolio.
  • Reconciles payments.
  • Defines banks and safes and links them to accounts.
  • Full coverage for issuing check and IOU.
  • Full control for returned check and IOU.
  • Supports calculating outstanding penalties and adding early payment discount.
  • Provides a variety of flexible and power tools for supplier entry and maintenance.

Money which is owed to a company by a customer for products and services provided on credit. This is treated as a current asset on a balance sheet. A specific sale is generally only treated as an account receivable after the customer is sent an invoice. 

Technical Features

  • Maintain a Customer Invoice Record on the dollar amounts to be collected from Redundancy customers as well as the associated general ledger account distribution information for revenue.
  • Automatically assign voucher numbers to each input transaction for control and audit trail purposes.
  • Automatically post voucher information to specific ledger accounts to eliminate clerical posting errors by interfacing directly with the General Ledger System . Either the cash or accrual accounting method is supported.
  • Print accounting reports, such as Customer Invoice Report, Cash Receipts Report, Aged Receivables Report, Receivables Distribution Report and other reports to provide an audit trail of data entered into the system so that adequate control is maintained over company cash receipts and revenue distributions.

Letters of Credit & Export systems provide a valuable way to reduce risk, but they have strict and complex document requirements and are highly susceptible to errors. An estimated 70% of all Letters of Credit submitted to banks For payment are initially rejected due to incorrectly issued documentation. This rejection can lead to payment delays, additional fees, and even non-payment of the drawing.

Technical Features

  • It easier to get total cost of each item including shipping, loading and etc. Minimize staff time spent meeting strict and complex documentary requirements.
  • Reduce discrepancies due to inconsistent document preparation.
  • Reduce high error rates due to multiple parties needing to produce documentation.
  • Reduce fees for issuing and confirming Letters of Credit.
  • Avoid many associated secondary and penalty fees.

This system is designed to facilitate and trace all types of guarantee issuing renewing, increasing, decreasing and cancellation. It also supports recoding letters of guarantee expenses to cost centers in all the mentioned cases.

Technical Features

  • The development of guidelines for maximum utilization of the instrument, including time allocation.
  • A detailed plan for the day-to-day management and safe operation of the instrument.
  • If appropriate, a plan to ensure that access to the instrument is limited to users whose projects have received approval by institutional human subjects, anima welfare or bio safety committees.
  • A financial plan for the long term operation and maintenance of the instrument during the post award period.
  • The relocation of the instrument within the institution if the major user group is significantly altered.

The automatic system supplies the ability to entering all the detailed data for each fixed asset in addition to entering all the changes either additions or deductions. The system supplies preparing monthly fixed assets depreciation entries with the ability to prepare additional depreciation entries for the complete depreciated assets and still in service.

Technical Features

  • Fixed assets data record.
  • Addition and deduction.
  • Defining fixed assets classifications.
  • Depreciation calculation.
  • Posting depreciation to the GL and Cost Accounting systems.
  • Fixed assets balances. Assets and their depreciation reports (a variety of reports).
  • Printing the fixed assets transaction.
  • Report builder.
  • Queries.
  • Previous year's depreciation.
  • Closing the year.

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